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"The road to maturity --- and independence --- has always been longer for girls than boys, especially when the very elements of individuality are considered subversive in a woman.  Strength, conviction, a willingness to speak out are at the heart of the Me Too movement as women stand to claim their rightful place and equal treatment.  But it's a fight a lot of people don't want to hear, and in the past many women were silenced.  In Wayward Girls, Claire Matturro and Penny Koepsel take the reader back to a time when young women are expected to be quiet and obedient.  Any other conduct results in the labels "bad girls" or "wayward."  And in a corrupt system, such girls are left open to abuse and the type of authority figures who mean to break them.  Such is the story of Jude, Camille and Talbot Hall.  In a series of flashbacks, the two authors reveal the past of their female characters and also bring them to a point of redemption.  Wayward Girls is a story for the times we live in now.  As women of all ages demand equality and fair treatment, the shadow of the past looms larger than ever and must never be forgotten.  It's a compelling read with characters who stay with the reader long after the book is finished."

 - Carolyn Haines is the USA Today bestselling author of over 80 novels.

"Wayward Girls," is a portrait of brave sisterhood, infused with beauty and exquisite pain.  Your heart will melt with every turn of the page."

 - Laura Benedict, Edgar-nominated author of the Bliss House Novels.

"Wayward Girls is an important and timely book.  It reminds us that the promise of young people is inextricably bound to their vulnerability, and it reveals the evil in people who exploit that vulnerability.  Sensitive characterizations draw readers into the inner lives of Jude and Camille, two women who still carry scars decades after the trauma of their boarding school experience, reminding them of how it feels to be young, alone, and scared.  Wayward Girls delivers suspense, emotional depth, social commentary, and a gripping story.  Grab a copy, a box of tissues, and the phone number of your oldest friend, because you're going to want to talk about this one after you turn the last page.  It is a terrific book."

  - Mary Anna Evans, award-winning author of the Faye Longchamp archaeological mysteries, and is an assistant professor of creative writing at the University of Oklahoma.



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